Christmas For Harmonica

by Joe Stoebenau

(1998) Alfred #038081152554

Description The most versitile Christmas collection ever!
Posted By Joe Stoebenau (209)
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On 6/16/2005, Joe Stoebenau (209) posted:
Overall Rating:
Christmas For Harmonica is the most versitile collection of all your favorite Christmas songs arranged for C diatonic and Chromatic harmonica.

Each song is shown in standard music notation and also in an easy to use harmonica notation (TAB) that graphically indicates blows, draws, bends and rhythms. If you want to play with friends or family, every song includes guitar chord frames, chord symbols for keyboards and bass as well as complete lyrics for sing along fun.

Most songs include straight harp as well as cross (blues) harp arrangements.

I know of several guitar players using this book because it is very easy to use at home or on the gig.