Slide Rule

by Jerry Douglas

(1992) Sugar Hill #sh-cd-3797

Personnel Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Adam Steffey, Craig Smith, Scott Nygard, Sam Bush, Alison Krauss and many more
Description A fantastic "players" album. Jerry Douglas in top form.
Posted By Joe Stoebenau (209)
Directory Recordings: Bluegrass
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Member Reviews

On 6/16/2005, Joe Stoebenau (209) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album gets the most airplay at my house. It is a fantastic CD with great playing and entertaining songs.

The band captures the essence of the songs which is why I keep going back to it. There are neat solo interludes throughout the disc that help to add a little breathing room between the songs.

There are barn burners such as "Ride the Wild Turkey" , "Shoulder to Shoulder" and a smoking version of "Hey Joe"...yea that song!

All in all, every song is great and worth figuring out the licks.

Even if you don't play Dobro, run out and get this disc! You wil want to play Dobro after hearing it!