B&J Serenader ? Archtop With F-holes

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by B&J Serenader

Description It's all mahogany, quite old( 1920's-30's), has a very warm sound. 20-fret neck, very smooth action, easy to play. it's fairly small-bodied with an arched top and can produce a surprisin g amount of volume.
Posted By Arielle Blanchard (64)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 6/27/2005, Arielle Blanchard (64) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this guitar! this was the nicest one i could borrow. it has really nice tone, and the smallish size is very comfortable for me. the only real problem is a minor buzz on the bass strings, which is probably repairable. the best thing about it is the warm, sweet tone and easy playability. if it was stolen i would cry, cause these are really hard to find and it's probably irreplacable. but if i could find another one i would buy it in a heartbeat.
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: borrowed from a friend
Made in the US, i think. all-mahogany body, i'm not sure what the neck is. 20 frets, 6 strings. no pickups or electronics, this is just an acoustic . the finish is natural dark brown mahogany with a cream stripe painted around the top edge.it's an archtop with f-holes, which make it look kind of jazzy. it has an odd brass tailpiece, which looks very old. it does not have locking tuners, i don't know what brand the ones on it are but they work very well.
It's really easy to play, and it plays just about any kind of music easily. the neck is very smooth and not warped at all, which is amazing considering that it's at least 60 years old and has no truss rod. i wish the neck was just a little narrower but then i have small hands, so it would probably be fine for most other players. it's the nicest playing guitar i've tried, but then i haven't played that many guitars.
Sound Quality:
Mostly i play acoustic folk and blues type stuff, which this guitar is AWESOME for! but i also play a little punk rock, which it works equally well for. tonewise it's very warm, sweet and full, and capable of producing great volume. sometimes the sound can be just a little bit muddy, but that's probably my fault cause i'm not a very good guitarist! i use Martin Marquis Light strings on it and they sound really good.
I think it's very durable, as it's held up for 60 years or so being taken very bad care of ( there are some in the top that look like the owner just drizzled glue on and forgot about it, and there's a big chip in the nut which i think is where the buzz comes from). it totally ignores the climate changes. I haven't had it long enough to need it adjusted at all.