Burns Brian May Signature Guitar

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Burns

Description 21 pickup combinations 24 fret neck Mahogany neck & body, ebony fingerboard Whammy bar Auto-locking Grover Tuners Bi-Directional truss rod Colors: classic red, sunburst, transparent green & blue, solid black. Lefty version available.
Posted By Darryl Roberts (5330)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/24/2005, Darryl Roberts (5330) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a lifetime dream come true for Queen fans, and a great find for anyone who wants the flexibility of a true multi-tone guitar at their disposal. For purists, one warning - this unit has a different tremolo setup than the original. DOesn't affect the sound at all, but the look is a bit different. This was a concession to mass-production that Brian himself agreed to. GO PLAY ONE! They are typically available for several hundred less than the MSRP. Check it out here: http://www.burnsusa.com/products/the_brian_may.shtml
The classic Red Special, now available for the masses! All of Brian's legendary Queen tones are just the flip of a switch away. Each pickup has 2 switches - a phase switch and an on/off switch, so you can set them up in or out of phase in any combination. The range of tones has to be heard to be believed. Burns Tri-sonic pickups, wired in series, just as in the original.
This guitar is shipped ready to play! Every model I have tried has EXCELLENT action and playability. One criticism - the fret edges are occasionally a bit rough, but nothing that can't be easily remedied.
Sound Quality:
What else would you use it with but a Vox AC-30? LOL...no, seriously, this axe is so flexible, you can make it work with WHATEVER rig you are currently using. It is great for anything from blues to jazz, country, and of course, ROCK! The sound has to be heard to be believed. Wanna know what it sounds like? Pop in a Queen CD, and you'll get an inkling. Better yet, go try one out and marvel at the range of tones you can get out of it.