Marshall JMP01 MIDI Controllable Preamp


Made by Marshall

Description This is a single rack sized tube preamp with full MIDI controlablity.
Posted By Andy Wood (5136)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/17/2005, Andy Wood (5136) posted:
Overall Rating:
I wanted a MIDI Rack setup and this is quite frankly the best preamp on the market. It has no weak points, never stuffs up and works for all kinds of music (as long as you put it with a suitable power amp and cabinet)
Model Year: 1998
Price: $900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Manny's Music Melbourne
You can use a standard footswitch to select the four channels: o Clean 1: Warm o Clean 2: Bright o Overdrive 1: Classic o Overdrive 2: Modern Tone controls include Volume, Gain, Middle, Bass and Presence But this unit really comes into its own with a MIDI footswitch which you can use to access up to 100 programmable patches and also switch effects on another MIDI controlled effects unit which can be placed in the effects loop. It also supports stereo effects. It also has speaker emulated outputs for recording or direct PA use. It mixes digital controlled circuitry to save prests with AX7 tubes in the audio lines.
Sound Quality:
I have used it with my Strat, Ibanez 7-strings and even my acoustic guitar. This preamp is very versatile and can be customised to equally suit classic tones or modern hi-gain sounds. The clean sounds are very warm too as it is a valve preamp. It is definitely one of the great amps on the market and equals the Mesa Boogie products I have played.
Ease of Use:
Totally programmable, has MIDI In/Out/thru and has 4 distinct channels with a huge variety of sounds. It is easy to save your new sounds in the 100 patch numbers. It is the simplest amp I've ever found in terms of being able to quickly find the sound you are looking for.
I haven't had to have it retubed in 7 years and it sounds as good as it ever did, it is very solidly constructed and the knobs and buttons feel very solid.