Wedgie 5.0 Millimeter Rubber Pick (WRPP50H)

Made by Wedgie

Description This rubber pick eliminates nearly all pick noise on strings. Holding these picks backwards gives me an even darker, warmer tone -- almost like using my thumb, but with the benefits of increased single-note speed a pick allows.
Posted By Tom Cavanagh (2608)
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On 3/16/2005, Tom Cavanagh (2608) posted:
Overall Rating:
These are very cool 5.0 mm rubber picks which eliminate pick noise on strings. The tone using the tapered edge is alright, but when holding these picks backwards, you can get an excellent dark tone. Bass players would really like these picks too.
Price: $2.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sam Ash
These are available in 3.0 mm and 5.0 mm. I love the sound of these when holding them backwards. I rolled the middle on my JC-120 all the way back and set my treble on 2 and bass on 8, with the bright switch off. Very clean, warm tone.
These won't last as long as my Fender Extra Heavies.