How To Make Your Boss Pedals Sound Like AMAZING

Description Excellent resource to learn how to turn your cheap guitar pedals into AMAZING tone machines -- this book shows you how!
Posted By Brian Wampler (265)
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On 3/10/2005, Brian Wampler (265) posted:
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Listen to what others have said about the DIY kits:

Hey Brian, first I want to say I love my pedal now that I've done your classic rock mod ( with a larger resistor for a heavier tone, you mentioned it in your tube emulator mod) it was well worth the ten bucks and I must say it is very easy. I am only 18 and ever really had to solder on a board before but your instructions guided me perfectly. 

thanks again your mods rock!! 

Thanks a million Brian ...this is great stuff.
I always could get a good sound ( strat into boogie ) but now it's
The ds-1 and cs-3 mods have opened up the tone where it really matters, nice
texture and voice to the upper mids, and a less "processed"
A well known local pro player came up to me after my regular sunday night
gig and offered to buy my entire rig right there as it sat "don't change a
thing" he said, " I'll get my tech to get a photo of it so we can set it the
same way".
I'm sorta sentimental about my gear so I settled on letting him have a photo
of my pedal and amp settings for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Well, apart from burning my fingers with the soldering iron
(fffffff...ouch!!!) I'm havin' lots of fun.
Thanks again for a great service,
Your friend in Ireland,


thanks Brian! I modded my first pedal less than 24 hours after
getting your kits.Once again great job on your part!!!!!!!!!!! 
Lance P.


"I recently purchased your DIY download from ebay, just to say the least: It is AWESOME.. I just finished doing the "Dark Classic-Rock" mod on my OD-3, I love it..." - C Sims

...the mod sure beefed up the Sd-1 to be a blues monster.  Now onto the MT-2.  I was skeptical when I ordered the kit.  After all, its the most ridiculed yet most purchased pedal by boss.  I only do a few songs that would use such a heavy distortion and I was still looking for other pedals to replace this one but when I did this mod, that search ended.  I could use this pedal for a bunch of songs now.  No more nasally tone.  Just a big wall of distortion tone.  The lead tone from this pedal is thicker, the distortion is smoother, and the sustain is still there and smooth and crunchy and warmer.  Thick, smooth, and warm are three words I would have never associated with the Metal Zone.   Great work Brian, keep it up.  And one more thing, that is the brightest blue light Ive ever seen.  The mod is worth it for that alone.
E. Mantione 

I got the delay mod kits and they sound great! The tone went from lifeless and, well, digital, to analogish and grainy! And the star trek mod is perfect for strange leads. I'll have to scrape together some more money so I can buy the download of all the mod sheets.

Thanks, man. I'm really impressed with the way this pedal came to life!

D Hamon

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