Gibson SG Melody Maker

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Melody Maker neck, SG style body, two single-coil pickups.
Posted By Joe Equis (14)
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On 3/10/2005, Joe Equis (14) posted:
Overall Rating:
It was a choice between this and an SG 200, which I played in high school. I always wanted one of these--they look so cool. Real 60's machine. The price could not be beat. Fully functional vintage Gibson for 300 and change--no brainer. Ha ha this guitar could NOT be better--it is perfect. Despite appearing slightly fragile it just ROCKS! I would get another in a second--in fact I am looking to get another one. My advice--if you see one for a good price--GRAB IT--they are getting popular.
Model Year: 1968
Price: $315.00
Where Obtained: ebay
Made in USA, by Gibson in 1968. Mahogony bod/neck. Rosewood fb. 22 frets, slim neck and MM headstock. 2 single-coils. natural brown finish, white pickguard and pups. three-pos switch ( tele-style) two vol, two tone. Orig tremolo unit had been removed, replaced w/ micro-tuner bridge. there are holes in bod where unit was. I replced the orig tuners w/ Grover minis. Looks like a skinny SG. Small crack in body near joint, very well repaired, but brought the price down fer sure.
I like it a lot. The neck's a bit thinner than my other guitars, but there's not enough o's in smmooooove to describe it.. Affects my playing by making me sound better ;-)My friends who collect guitars rave about the action. I did have a set-up done. No flaws in neck at all. The guitar is pretty light you can play it for hours.
Sound Quality:
Unless I am using my friends' Fender Twin, which it seems to have been made for, I use it with a Crate GT212. Hums a lil bit. I play rock/blues,anything from Johnny Thunders to Procol Harum to Albert King. I can go from a Roy Buchanan tele sound to a wicked "Disraeli Gears" type thing. Kind of missing the heavy Gibson crunch--but only 'kind of'-it's close enough--besides I have another guitar for that.It took me a little while to get the settings I really dig, but I discovered the sound range is just amazing, I love this guitar.
It is well constructed, but because of the previously mentioned crack I am v-e-e-e-r-r-y careful with it. I have gigged with it, though. The body is quite thin. I've had it over a year now--since set-up it's been fine. It has new strap-locks--needs em. Hardware is all nice and shiny--well, bridge and tuners are new. I chad the pots and switch cleaned--they are fine. The jack input has usual SG problems--I use a snakehead jack. It's been out in my apt mostofthetime--winter/spring/summer/fall, finish is still nice--for a 37 year old.