Behringer V-tone GM 108

15W Mini/Headphone Amp

Made by Behringer

Description 15 watt, 8" speaker. 3 switches that allow you to choose 27 different amp/speaker configurations.

Good little starter or practice amp. Nice tones in all but the "plain" mode.
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Member Reviews

On 3/8/2005, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at Crate, Roland & Fender. This amp has the ability to get the tones I wanted. Good volume if I need it.

Good price so I think the value for the dollar is there.

Yes, if stolen, I would get it again.
Model Year: 2005
Price: $59.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
"Analog" modeling for 3 "classic" guitar amps, 3 speaker sims & plus 3 gain modes. Total of 27 different possible configurations. 3 tone controls, referred to as "3-band EQ", treble, mids & bass controls. Master volume as well as channel volume. CD input for playing along with your CD player. 15 watts is plenty of power, for a practice or starter amp. 8" speaker.
Sound Quality:
Using three guitars with it. American Standard Strat, Dean Evo Special Select and Ibanez AG-85-TRD. Great little amp for practicing at home where I don't need a lot of volume but would still like a variety of tones. Compares good to other amps I tried. Tried a Crate, Roland and Fender. For the money, this was the winner. Seems nice & quiet at decent volumes. I have not tried to push it, no real need to. So it is clean when I want it & decent distortion when I need it.
Ease of Use:
Very simple controls. 3 switches on the front to select the style of amp, speaker type & gain. Add the 3 tone controls and it's real eacy to dial in the tones you want.
Have only had it for one day. But if it's like the other Behringer stuff, it should do well. I have a Bass amp & pedal board. All are made well. This will probably stay at home for practice. Overall appearance seems to be decently built.