Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive

Multi-Effects Pedal

Made by Boss

Description Same as the OD-2R but without the remote pedal feature.
Posted By Linkulus Schonheiter (118)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 3/2/2005, Linkulus Schonheiter (118) posted:
Overall Rating:
Good variety of overdrive tones and turbo feature for really crazy overdrive makes this pedal a definate classic.
Price: $20.00 canadian
Where Obtained: pawn shop
4 knobs-level, tone, drive, turbo ON/OFF. A/C powered or battery powered (highly recommend using A/C adaptor...batteries go pretty quick).
Sound Quality:
Use it with Epiphone Les Paul Studio and Squier Strat...put through a Fender Princeton Chorus amp. I play everything from classic rock to blues to metal and this pedal will do it all. Doesn't have the low-end crunch or the full mid-range for REALLY heavy metal (if that's what you like get an MT-2), but for everything else it sounds great. Turbo OFF mode gives a nice bluesy-type of overdrive, while turbo ON adds that extra noise for heavier things.
Ease of Use:
Very easy to use...set the level, tone (mid to hi seems to sound the best), drive (again, mid to hi) and then turbo ON or OFF. Very straight-forward.
As with all Boss pedals, this thing will outlast the human race.