Jackson PC1

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Jackson

Description Bolt On Maple Top / Mahogony Body, Maple Neck, 24 Fret. H-S-S pups, Floyd Rose (not recessed), Sustainer System w/Octave Boost, Gold Harware. Beautiful Flamed Maple Top.
Posted By Bob Moore (8)
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Member Reviews

On 2/28/2005, Bob Moore (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have looked at several guitars, owned several and have played most custom ones out there. I would not only but this one again, but I am having Jackson build me a custom based on this guitar. I am adding what I like to make this guitar better for me which is the following - scallopped upper frets, scalloped lower horn, different heastock shape and different body shape. Also no sustainer since it is too easy to get great sounds with it. I like to force myself to use my fingers and this guitar has plenty of sustain.

Favorite aspect is sound - sustain, articulation and killer tone. Worst aspect for me is the Fender shaped headstock.

Some people may like a super thin neck. I can't get enough anchoring for vibrato and I have owned several with thin necks. This neck has more feel and tone. Once I got use to it I can go as fast as on an Ibanez Jem, Soloist, or similar neck. Plus the notes are cleaner and mor earticulate than on most other guitars at high speeds.
Model Year: 2003
Price: $1300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: GuitarXpress.com
Made in USA. Flamed Maple Top, Mahogany Body, Maple Neck. 24 Frets. Has volume, tone, 5 position pup switch, 1 switch for the sustainer, 1 switch for the octave boost. H/S/S. Sustainer and octave boost are active - 2 nine volt batteries. Comes with Dimarzio Super 3, Dimarzio HS2 and Jackson Sustainer/Driver neck pup. Beautiful Flame Maple Top - Mocha Color (sort of grey and black). Super strat with Non-recessed Floyd Rose. Non locking tuners, all gold hardware.
Action can get as low as you like. I had to raise it from the factory set up due to my own preference. Neck is non finished, oiled, flamed maple. Smooth. Not a thin neck - has some meat to it which I prefer for vibrato. It is easier to anchor onto than a thin neck and does not affect my speed in any way. Notes are very clear compared to any other guitar I have had. This was a NAMM display model and was flawless.
Sound Quality:
Have a Framus Cobra High Gain amp. Set the gain to about 5 usually (the 12 o'clock position). I shred. Guitar is extremely versitile though with the various pups and 5 way switching. Good clean tones and killer on high gain tones. Plus the suatainer will indefinitely hold any note and the octave boost will boost every note up one octave. Nice harmonics, sustain and articulation. Best I have heard yet in any guitar including any custom Anderson or Suhr. You could play other styles easily on this guitar but it would be a shame not to utilize all the features this guitar has to offer. Sound is nice and balanced with the two tone woods. I changed the Dimarzio Bridge PUP to a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 and it just kills! Best tone I have heard in any guitar I have played. Hands down best guitar I have played - and I have played most of them out there and owned lots.
Built like a tank. Not a paricularly light guitar. No adjustment was necessary when I got it except I raised the strings. I have had it for about 2 years and everything is still rock solid. I have taken it in the dead of winter to jam and back to my house. Never have had a problem.