Godin LG-HMB

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description Solid mahogany body with bolt-on mahogany neck fit into a deep body pocket. String-through body design. Godin-designed humbuckers medium-jumbo frets, Schaller tune-o-matic bridge, Schaller strap-lock posts, and Godin tuning keys.
Posted By Sean Higgins (28)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 2/22/2005, Sean Higgins (28) posted:
Overall Rating:
I didn't know exactly what I wanted when I was out to purchase my new guitar, but I was interested in an Ibanez SZ series guitar. I'm really thankful that Dave at Musicstop introduced me to the Godin lineup, this thing beats out that Ibanez tenfold. If this guitar were stolen, I would work my a-- off to try and get this one back, as it has sentimental value now, however I would ultimately give in and either get another LG HMB, or take a step up to the LG Signature.
Model Year: 2004
Price: $699.00 CAD (new)
Where Obtained: MusicStop Dartmouth
Hand-assembled in New Hampshire using parts crafted here in Canada. All mahogany body and neck, deep body pocket, and string-through design give this guitar amazing tone and sustain. Two Godin humbuckers which are actually modelled after Duncans. One volume and one tone control. It has a Schaller tune-o-matic bridge piece, Schaller locking strap posts, and Godin tuning keys.
This guitar was set up beautifully when I picked it up last summer, however after bringing it in to be set up for the winter, I found the guys at MusicStop didn't do quite as good of a job as what I can remember. It was just how I like it, low action but just enough to eliminate any fret buzz. I love the feel of the bare neck, however the oils in your skin will ultimately give it somewhat of a "lacquer feeling" finish to it over time.
Sound Quality:
My live rig consists of Godin LG-->Seiko ST737 Tuner-->Boss FW-3 Foot Wah-->In to Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor send to-->Ibanez TS-7 TubeScreamer-->Boss MT-2 Metal Zone-->Return to Boss NS-2 out to-->Ibanez CF-7 Chorus-->Fender FM212R 2x12 100w combo. I'm in an Iron Maiden tribute band, and with this guitar combined with my effects I'm able to pull off a sweet sounding Adrian Smith. I've owned a few in my day and the Godin has really rekindled my love for guitar. This thing won't be going anywhere.
This guitar is my main guitar, and the only one I want to use when playing live. I have a Squier as a backup, but I'll be hot rodding that soon enough. Perhaps then it will give this some competition on my list, but I highly doubt it. So far the only complaints I have are that when I got the guitar, the volume pot was scratchy, and the "black chrome" finish on the pickup covers pretty much ran all over the pickups and look horribly oxidized now. I'll change them for a regular set of chrome covers soon enough.