Gibson BR-6

8W Combo

Made by Gibson

Description Class A power, single knob amp
Posted By Chris Russell (3044)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/5/2006, Chris Russell (3044) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've owned many combos, tube and solid state. and nothing comes close to the life that's in this old class A,8 watt, single knob amp. I like to let it stand alone (no effects) because its such a true telling of whats IN the guitar, and my fingers. straight in is very jazz/bluesy. I've also been caught "Y"ing into both inputs. this yields a pure blues 'somethings-about-to-blow' kind of overdrive. either way, this type of circuit will bust you every time on technique, style, and what your fingers bring.
Price: $200.00
Where Obtained: E-bay
Absolutely no features to get in the way! 8 watts of class A (single ended) tube power, 10" speaker, 2 inputs (some have 3), 1 volume knob, on/off switch, fuse socket. all on the back. originally sold paired with BR-6 lap steel. this one had a re-cap, and grounded cord installed.
Sound Quality:
Increadible blues amp! think of a great blues harp amp with a healthy serving of presence that breaks up beautifully on it's own, just by how hard your playing into it. with my Les Paul studio plugged into it (which has it's own servings of tone), every nuance of my technique and playing style come through. from light to heavy picking, manifest as a wide pallate of coloration. it has a little 60cyc hum, that comes and goes like the weather. in my case, this is more due to the house than the amp. but these old things are fickle.
Ease of Use:
Dime, turn on, play.
This one has held up for over 50 years. the covering is very torn and scarred, but it runs like a top! if the electronics hav seen half the abuse the cosmetics obviously have, then I'm very impressed.