Tascam DP-01FX

Made by Tascam

Description Tascam Digital Portastudio, 8 track, with built in effects. 40 GB hard drive, USB 2.0 connection for computer interface, MIDI out.
Posted By Todd Yarbrough (1069)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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On 1/21/2005, Todd Yarbrough (1069) posted:
Overall Rating:
For $500 it just does not get any better than this! If you have any recording experience you can be tracking 5 minutes after you open the box. The DP-01 is perfect for the songwriter/musician, note that I did not say engineer! One knob one function, and the LCD menue is exteemly easy to work with, freeing you up to do what you bought the thing to with in the first place, record music! It also has enough options built in for those of you who like to "tweak". I wish it had an internal metronome, and I wish the level meters were scaled, but the day of the D'Arsneval movement (analog, or needle) type meters are gone. I guess I'm just showing my age again! If you have any questions regarding this unit please feel free to contact via wholenote!
Model Year: 2004
Price: $499.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Local Music Store
True 8 track lay out, with high and low shelving EQ (adjustable shelving frequency for each track) Effects send for each track, that is bussed to an external out, with stereo effects return. If no external effects device is used, this buss controls the built in reverb. 40 GB hard drive partitioned into 3 sectors, two sectors for tracking and mastering, and FAT partition for .wav file exchange with a computer via USB 2.0 port. The DP-01 will export either mastered, stereo L and R .wav files or you can export raw tracks in the .wav format for mixing and mastering via DAW. 79 built in electric guitar effects, 11 acoustic guitar effects, 7 bass guitar effects, 13 vocal effects, 12 drum effects. Most of these effects settings are multiple effects patched together, however you have only one parameter control over each patch. I mistakenly read in the manual online that it had a built in metronome, it actually has a MIDI metronome, that has to connected to a drum machine for it to work. 2 XLR balanced inputs, and 2 1/4 inch TR unbalanced inputs with the "A" unbalanced input switchable between line level and guitar level. Be forewarned, the guitar setting is padded down with a 1 Megohm resistor, so if you are using a passive pick up for and acoustic guitar, you will still need a direct box.
Sound Quality:
Absolutely amazing! Mind you I have been out of the studio scene for almost 10 years, but what Tascam has done with the internal effects is inredible. I have only had the my unit for a little over a week, and all I have instrument wise is a Seagull S6, with a Dean Markley Pro Mag Plus, and the acoustic guitar effects are beautiful. I even found about 5 or 6 eletric guitar effects that work with the acoustic. The internal reverb unit is very warm sounding as well, with multiple settings and adjustable parameters with in each setting, very nice!
Ease of Use:
OK folks this is the best part, for any of you "oldsters" like myself that have been leary about getting in digital recording here is you chance, this unit is for you! This thing "feels" like the old analog Portastudios, this is the perfect "bridge" into digital recording. Yes, it has an LCD screen, but the menus are all straight forward and with in 2 to 3 pages you can tell it what you want to do or where you want to go. No digging through endless pages to find what you are trying to do!
Typical Tascam quality construction, the sliders feel real nice and the pots are quality as well. Just remember you have an internal hard drive so in my opinion you need to take care of this device.