Yamaha RGX 121

Electric Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description A brilliant first guitar, I'd reccomend to anyone!
Posted By Jake Sam (217)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 2/6/2005, Jake Sam (217) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a few other guitars, and this was actually the cheapest one (though it was second hand). I'd reccommend this to anyone who can afford anything in the price range of 100-400. Happy playing! (psst... GET THIS GUITAR)!
Where Obtained: Mann's Music
I'm not too good with electric guitar things, as this is my first one! I'll do my best to help you out though... It has 22 standard frets, 6 strings, it has very sensitive and neat volume and tone controls, and a 5-select switch. It has 3 or 5 pickups depending on how you look at it. It has 2 single coils together near the fretboard (usually a humbucker), a single coil in the middle and another pair down below the bridge. It's made of a medium-weight wood, with a very nice feel, and a blue-purplish quite trendy finish on the top. It has a Fender-Strat type body style (called a double cutaway???) with some clever improvisations from Yamaha. All the features are excellent for the price!
The playability lives up to the features, and is good for almost all playing styles. The tremelo bar which Yamaha made for this model is excellent! The neck is just right for what I play, the action is fairly adjustable, and I have found no flaws so far.
Sound Quality:
I've used this guitar with a 100 Stagg CA-20R 20 watt amplifier. The amp has a good wattage, a gain/volume control, overdrive button, overdrive volume and overdrive gain control, equalization for bass, middle and treble, and a reverb control. It also has an external speaker output and headphones output. The sound of the guitar is, again, excellent and using the 3 equalization controls on the amp and the tone control on the guitar you can get almost whatever sound you want. The sound, like the playability and features, beats guitars 300+, and even if I'm playing just a couple of inches from my amp, there is no buzz, cracking or screeching. It is very good for all playing styles!
I'm not too sure about this, as I've only had it 3 weeks. The tuning seems to stay in place brilliantly, and using a lot of string bending and tremelo'ing doesn't really put it out of tune. I can't say much else about the durability though, so I'll give this a 4 for what I have so far.