60W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Behringer

Description This is a Modeling amp with 99 pre sets and the ability to interface with a PC. it also has midi interface.
Posted By Mike Smith (9737)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/12/2005, Mike Smith (9737) posted:
Overall Rating:
This amp was not my first choice. i was looking at a marshall or a fender but the cost got to me. this amp is a third of the price of the others and it has more features. i would definately get this amp again or any other behringer product. the only fault i have found is the rather flimsy foot pedal. i replaced it with the behringer midi control pedal and can now flick through channels and effects at will. if you are looking for a good honest amp you will not go past these amps.
Where Obtained: private sale
This amp has so many nobs and switches it takes time to learn how they all work. it does have channel switching, midi interface, although its a mono amp you also have stereo channels. its called a valvetronic style amp but is in fact solid state.
Sound Quality:
I use a telecaster and i play mostly blues and fusion styles. but this amp has so many effects you play just about any style on it. it has all the distort i need and is loud.........boy is it loud. i play in a garage band with some old old mates and it blows others away.
Ease of Use:
You can programme this amp, but it takes time to learn how they all work. once you get the sound you want you just store it in the memory, and it is also very easy to change. its a little bit more complex than some amps but i wont change it.
It is perfect for playing live. its a heavy sucker and feels very solid. i have had no problems with this amp.