Behringer GX210

30W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Behringer

Description Hats off to Behringer. Great little practice amp and great for medium sized gigs(churches and such).
Posted By Mark Oster (40)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 1/7/2005, Mark Oster (40) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would definitely buy this amp again if it were lost or stolen. One major flaw that I have found, and the only reason I did not give it a 5-excellent rating, is that you cannot have the reverb on "all the time with everything you do. I will admit, however, that most of the effects come with either reverb or delay. Some even come with a gain parameter which is nice to use on the clean channel. And you can have the effects on both channels, too, but it sure would be nice if there was a separate reverb control. Also, if you choose to use the amp modelers, well that just blows the effects out. You can only choose one selection from the effects per channel and all of the amp/speaker modeling is included in the effects so forget about delay, flange, tremolo, etc. while modeling. All in all, if you're playing with a decent sound system, you can patch it in and just use the amp as your own personal monitor.
Price: $152.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
The amp has a slew of effects built right in. You can adjust all of them including the compressor. Has all EQ controls plus a "morphing" knob that sounds like a wah-wah pedal with the pedal all the way up. The only problem I have with it is the noise on some effects, but I've had stomp boxes that nake more noise than this. It has a slew of connectors in the back to add to it's versatility. Effects loop, line in/out. ext speaker, MIDI capable, headphone jack and speaker cut-off switch (for the wife), et al.
Sound Quality:
I play an Epiphone LP Custom thru this little jewel as well as an Alvarez acoustic/elec. The O/D channel sounds great for rock/blues. The clean channel is great for the acoustic but gets a little dirty above 6. Half open back allows speakers to be penetrated but they are well protected in their own right...Jensens. You can insert your own protection if you want but mine just stays put for now. I know it's all electronic but this thing really sounds like a tube amp. This so-called "VirTube" technology is, well, you just gotta hear it. I had a Fender Bandmaster years ago and I swear it sounds just like it but now I can get "tubed out" at low volume.
Ease of Use:
Everything is self-explanatory except the effects. You really need to take the time to read about the effects and their adjustments. After that, it's smooth sailing.
It seems to be constructed very well. Nice thick panels all around, nice thick, tight grille cloth, and corner protection everywhere. It does not make any vibrating noises yet, but I haven't owned it but for about six months. Time will tell but if the effects stuff holds out, it'll be worth every dime you paid for it.