Epiphone Galaxie 10 Tube Amp

10W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Epiphone

Description 10 Watt all tube Class A tube amplifier.
Posted By Kenny Barker (55)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 1/7/2005, Kenny Barker (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
The only way this amp could be better is if it had an FX loop, reverb and a speaker/extension out jack. But that would definately make the cost rise, plus take this amp for what it is: 10 pure class A tube watts so you can enjoy those great tube tones without going deaf (although it can get very loud)

I would buy this amp again, in fact soon I will ordr another to put up and keep in the box, in case something ever happens to this or the price goes up from popularity (because it sounds great)

The main reason I got this amp is for the simple design - simple but so effective. Just crank it up and wail on some blues.......this amp will howl, purr, scream, then beg you for more with its spongy harmonic sound
Model Year: 2004
Price: $199.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
Single channel tube amp. Very basic design. Gain, volume, treble, mid, bass knobs standby switch on/off switch it is very loud for a 10 watt amp, but tube watts are percieved much louder than solid state watts. no channel switching, no fx loop, no reverb. this is a great amp, but it is a basic bare-bones design. Also I want to mention the amp is self-biasing - so you dont have to take it to the shop for a tube change, just swap tubes, fire the amp up and let it set for 15 minutes to adjust! How cool is that?
Sound Quality:
This is 10 class A watts of power. That means there is so much potential for this amp. With all the tubes out there to mix & match, you can have any jamming/recording sound you need. The sound is great. Spongy, flexible, tube bliss. The amp responds well to playing nuances so you gotta nail them licks or the amp will show it. The gain is not super heavy alone, perfect for blues or rock/classic rock. But the pedal works very well with pedals, so any dirty sounds you need can be found with the right pedal. I run a fender strat>jekyll&hyde>crybaby>bossCE5>pb&jdelay>galaxie 10 amp, sometimes i also use a marshall mini full stack and run them in stereo. Great sounds all around. I leave the gain set (between my o.d. pedal & amp) to where i can pick lightly to clean it up, or slam the strings for heavy dirty sounds. This amp responds so well to those sounds and thats why i got it. People to to swap the tubes out for warmer sounds, all I can say is if different tubes can make this amp sound better than it is - then its one hell of an amp because it kicks a-- right now
Ease of Use:
You dont have to fool with it much for good sounds. The treble control can be a little piercing - so keep it low, espeically with single coils. Other than that any settings will sound fine. I keep the same settings on the amp and use my guitars tone controls and its very effective at working with the different tones of a strat
Its a tube amp, so you gotta treat it with respect. allow it to warm up before playing (standby switch), dont move it around when hot, change the tubes when needed.