Art of Solo Fingerpicking

by Mark Hanson

(1998) Accent on Music #093679903X

Description Takes you beyond basic patterns and into the more advanced levels of the alternating bass style, focusing on finger independence and beginning improvisation. In tab and standard notation w/CD.
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On 12/12/2000, Michael Pankonien (948) posted:
Overall Rating:
I want to master acoustic fingerstyle guitar and this book/CD fits the bill perfectly. I ordered it online from his website and had no hassles at all, delivered on time, etc. After a month, myself and others can definately see an improvement in my fingerstyle playing. The CD is a real plus, as Mark plays all the examples, as well as the 14 songs so that you can compare against the tab/standard notation. The songs are played at both half speed and then performance speed and this has really made a difference for me. The songs are great, not your typical, "Mary Had A Little Lamb", stuff, material that I will be proud to eventually master and play for myself and others. The book lays flat so it is easy to place on a music stand or flat surface and makes the practice sessions easy. Definately should be part of any aspiring and/or accomplished acoustic fingerstyle players book arsenal.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists