Vox Royal Guardsman

Combo (4 x 4")

Made by Vox

Description Big, black, has knobs.
Posted By Walt Esch (49)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/26/2004, Walt Esch (49) posted:
Overall Rating:
This amp is for the "old schoolers".There is certainly alot of bang for the buck! The new modeling amps can recreate all of this amps tonal qualities plus many of the effects that need to be added on. At the time, I wanted a Vox Super Beatle, but I couldn't pass on this pristine amp. If there comes a time for a retro revival, this amp certainly would meet the challenge!
Model Year: 1969
Price: $700.00
Where Obtained: BNF Guitars, Des Moines, Ia.
It looks like a baby Beatle. Has six inputs; 2)guitar,normal 2)guitar, brillilant 2)bass. In the speaker cab are four ten inch speakers and one horn. The front emblem says super reverb twin. It also has a footswich with four push buttons for distortion,reverb,tremelo and top boost.The original vinyl covers were still with this amp. Solid state amplifier. I believe this was quite a find.This is the proverbial "closet queen". It appears as new and functions as designed with no add ons or tampering.
Sound Quality:
I have a 69 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, 91 Strat and a 95 Telecaster. I like each guitar on it's own merits and not biased toward any. Effects I use include: Zoom 2020, MXR Phase45, BOSS Heavy Metal HM-2, Digital Delay RV3, and Chorus Emsemble CE5. I also use an original Vox Wah pedal. The older I get the more I find myself migrating away from headbanger to blues. Currently, I've been using a Fender Cyber-Twin amp. I really like the versitility, features and compactness.
Ease of Use:
This amp is "what you see is what you get" No rocket science involved. People that like the Vox enigma and sound will like this amp.
As I stated, this amp had minimal use and appears as new. I am not a professional musician so the likelyhood of this amp to reach its potential hasn't been realized be me. Heavy? Better eat your Wheaties!