Bach Is Cool

by Michael Chapdelaine

(2004) Michael Chapdelaine

Personnel Michael Chapdelaine on classical guitar.
Description This cd is a performance of three of J.S. Bach's compositions by one of the finest classical guitarists in the U.S. This cd would be valuable for the novice just interested in classical guitar, or for the purist who wants to add to his/her collection.
Posted By Paul Smith (328)
Directory Recordings: Classical
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On 12/20/2004, Paul Smith (328) posted:
Overall Rating:
I am not a professional musician, nor critic, so my comments are strictly from an admiring fan. Michael Chapdelaine is the head of the guitar instruction at the University of New Mexico. He is an award winning classical guitarist, as well as national champion fingerpicking guitarist. This cd is in a lot of ways a very simple recording - Chapdelaine plays selections from the Lute Suite #4, Violin Sonata #2, and Lute Suite #3. Total playing time is 67:43, so this is a rich collection of classical guitar music. Chapdelaine's playing is anything but simple, however. He has a breadth and depth of playing ability that makes it hard to believe all of the sounds coming from the stereo are from a guitar. Fast or slow, chipper or melancholy, Chapdelaine knows how to interpret a piece of music and play it with soul...the way a piece of classical music should be played. This cd would be a good introductory cd for an aspiring classical guitarist, or if you are looking for a new selection for your collection of beautiful classical guitar playing, this cd will move up very high on your list of "must listen to" favorites. Either way, do yourself a huge favor and get this cd. After listening to it (and reading Chapdelaine's liner notes) you will agree...Bach IS cool!