Art of Contemporary Travis Picking

by Mark Hanson

(1986) Accent on Music #0936799005

Description Learn the fingerpicking technique popularized by Merle Travis. Appropriate for guitarists with a basic knowledge of chords and music in general. In tab and standard notation w/CD.
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On 1/10/2002, Stacy Clark (1117) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book was the first really good help I found on finger picking. It is definitely a beginner book and very simple in it's approach, kind of close to a "finger picking for dummies" type of thing, which is exactly what I needed. The book teaches mostly variations of alternate bass finger picking patterns for accompaniment, & only touches on solo finger picking towards the end. This is really a 'no frills' type of book. My only real knock on this book is that the songs presented are old traditional tunes, most of which I didn't know, and kind of boring. Altho, in a couple of different places it does give popular song recommendations for various styles of music & differing patterns, which kind of makes up for the other thing. The cd that comes with the book is very helpful, altho I didn't use it much. I think this book could be improved upon by expanding the number of picking patterns in the various time signatures & for addressing more time signatures. Since it is, to this day, the best finger picking book I have found, & the fact that I did learn how to fingerpick solely by using this book, I rate it as excellent.
Suitable for beginner guitarists