Danelectro PB&J Delay


Made by Danelectro

Description A delay pedal that has 2 modes - long delays and short delays (echo), and a swicth to choose and change during performance.
Posted By Kenny Barker (55)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 12/19/2004, Kenny Barker (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think this is a very good pedal if you need clear precise repeats. If you need vintage, analog warmth with warbled repeats then stay away.

I like it alot. Ive had different delays over the years so I know what I want/need in one. The last pedal I had was a Boss dd3 and it was a fine pedal, but I found this and loved how clear everything about it is (soundwise). That, and the added switch to change from long to short on the fly. So I sold the boss and went to this. The sound is more of what I was after anyway.

There are 2-3 other pedals in the Dano-mini line that are very good. Not just "good for the price", I mean good enough to hang with pedals costing 3 times as much. If some of them were housed in a metal house with quality switches then Im sure they would be used by alot more players (dano tremelo, octave fuzz, and phaser are all great sounding fx).
Model Year: 2003
Price: $20.00 traded boss pedal for difference (new)
Where Obtained: Norris Music, Winfield Alabama
I am giving this an "excellent" rating because it has what most echo/delay pedals lack - that is a switch to change long or short repeats during performance. Now with other delays it may have a "time" knob to set the time for repeats to kick in and you can go from short, slapback echo up to a longer delay - but this pedal has a switch for that which is very useful when performing with this pedal. It has controls for mix (to blend in effect), time (how soon or late you want the repeats to start), and repeats (just how many repeats you need - 1 or very many) as well as the on/off switch and extra footswitch for long/short delays. The delay time can go from a short, slapback (I'm talking from nothing to a few milliseconds!) when using the short mode, and it goes up to a full second in long mode, also very handy.
Sound Quality:
This pedal is a digital delay, so its not famous for its extra warm, analog sounds with warbled disentigration on the repeats. Instead it is a crystal clear delay that keeps the repeats true to the original note(s). That is why I like it so much. When I want a delay/echo, I want it nice and clear. The extra switch makes it very handy. You can be playing a rock solo with loner delay times with many repeats for a spacey sound or classic space for a ballad, then step on the switch and it goes to short mode causing short, fast repeats to ring out - great for ending a solo. The sound itself is like I mentioned, clear as crystal. So using it clean produces great sounding repeats as long as you dont make mistakes, because it will repeat those too! I use it with my strat into a marshall (classic) and if I leave it on to add depth to some rhythm, it is blended in ever si lightly. Mostly if it is on, it is for a solo to add depth or used in a musical way, sometimes I use the repeats to play on top of to create a harmony with different notes for an interesting texture.
Ease of Use:
It is very easy to use, just switches to engage the effect and common knobs to twaek the settings. It is easy, but I gave it a 3 (average) rating because the knobs are small, so you really have to be precise if you are trying to change the settings on the fly while performing.
I have not yet broken a dano mini-pedal. But I cant rate it like its housed in a steel frame when its in fact housed in plastic. Like I said, Ive never broken it or any of the other 2 I owned in the past or seen one broken, but it cant be as eliable and sturdy as a solid tank pedal.