Hohner G-328

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Hohner

Description Very similar to the guitar described on this site as an HG320 except mine has a two piece back. The headstock has a nice inlay that says "HOHNER."
Posted By Vern Smathers (8)
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Member Reviews

On 12/13/2004, Vern Smathers (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I am not sure what mine is worth today but I'd guess you'd spend over $350 to get something similar.
Price: $300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Resurrection, Austin, TX
Handcrafted in Japan. 20 fret 6 string. Gold closed tuners that say HOHNER INT'L. There is quite a bit of excess glue around the interior of the body. Rosewood sides and two piece back with a white, light brown, white inlay down the midle. It has a bound rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl dot inlays and a "diamond" behind the peghead. It also features a rosewood bridge and tortoise shell pickguard. The pins are black with a silver dot.
I like the way the guitar plays. I have never had it adjusted in the twenty years I have owned it. The action is low and it is easy to play.
Sound Quality:
The guitar has a very warm and full sound. I recently went from XL strings to XL plus which has improved the bass a bit. I haven't played many other guitars but am very content with what I have.
I have never had to adjust it in the twenty years I have owned it. I haven't done much to take care of it except wipe it off occasionally. So it has held up very well. It stays in tune well also.