Herb Ellis Jazz Guitar Method: All the Shapes You Are

by Herb Ellis

(1996) Warner Brothers #1576233421

Description w/Harry Hess. Master "All the Things You Are" as Herb walks you through the basic progression, and then offers substitute chords and simple chord related shapes to help get started soloing very quickly. With CD.
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On 3/30/2001, Dagan Harrington (705) posted:
Overall Rating:
The book takes "All the things you are" and re-plots the chords, but the same harmony is ultimately achieved. The progression is explained shortly, with notes on how to vary tempo, and side slipping.

The rest of the pages are specific, tabbed-out runs and phrases to "go with" each chord of the song. It seems as if he's saying..."This needs to be played with this".

This book would be good for the beginner, and may feed them a few ideas in the world of jazz improvisation. But i don't recommend it for experienced jazz athletes. dagan-
Suitable for intermediate guitarists