Audio Technica AT4047

Made by Audio Technica

Description Large diameter condersor microphone
Posted By Bill North (12505)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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On 11/26/2004, Bill North (12505) posted:
Overall Rating:

I have a stereo pair of these and they are great for choral or backup vocals or as lead vocals in single use. They sound fantastic micing a guitar cab without distorting.
Model Year: 2003
Price: $250.00
Where Obtained: eBay
Dual large diameter gold sputtered diaphram
low frequency roll-off switch
-10dB pad switch
cardiod polar pattern
transformer coupled
FET transistor electronics
Sound Quality:
Very warm and full while staying detailed and clear
Low self noise
high sensitivity
high S/N ratio
high SPL handling
Typical of most studio condensors, this mic's capsule is fragile, but the build quality of the housing, wind screen and shock mount are very good. Audio Technica is known for quality studio equiment and this model is no strager to pro studios the world over. You can depend on a lifetime of use from this mic if handled properly.