Two Rock Opal

50W Head

Made by Two Rock

Description This amp has worked great for me at every gig, easily the best amp I've owned hands down. It has clean and lead channels, reverb, many other options - you can view the specs at:
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On 11/6/2004, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this amp because one of my favorite players uses it and helped design it I believe (Steve Kimock). I would have to buy it again, or something very similar! Everything is great about it I have to say..the only thing is for small jazz gigs where I don't need much volume, having this amp and a stack of speakers isn't really needed when space is at a minimum.
Price: $2500.00
Where Obtained: ebay
All you regular tone controls plus a wonderful spring reverb. It can get push a stack plenty loud. Completely tube. Heres the specs
Sound Quality:
I wouldn't use it for metal, but for crystal clear tones its the best. In fact, it responds so well that you better be on your game and ready to handle the enhanced dynamics or any mistake comes through too loud and clear. I have also been able to get a traditional jazz tone ala Wes, funkier James Brown rhythm stuff, and the clapton Brown sound for liquid pentatonic bluesy lines (think john mayall bluesbreakers)
Ease of Use:
You have more options, so you do need to spend a little more time figuring out tones and settings. The good news is that its actually hard to dial in a bad tone, but if you're a does take a few days of playing around with. I consider options a good thing, but give it a four because having options makes it not as easy
Heavy duty construction, never had it re-tubed (yet), always comes through.