Fender 1987 Japanese Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description It is a custom job by me to turn it into a hollow body.
Posted By Jeremy Boyd (52)
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On 10/30/2004, Jeremy Boyd (52) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at the Strataccoustic, and a LesPaul. This one was in my price range. I couldn't buy this guitar with all the mods it has it is priceless. A new paintjob would make it nice. My favoite aspect is the playing of it, my worst is its look (it still has holes where the middle pickup was, and the tone nobs. It's mine, and only cost me $300 to make!
Model Year: 1987
Price: $1.00 Copy of Acid
Where Obtained: A friend
Made in Japan of course. The body is maple, and neck is also. 21 frets with perl inserts. I use super slinkies for strings. It has the switch and volume controls. there is 1 pickup and 1 mic. active electronics. my front is a Gibson '57 Les Paul Humbucker. Neck is of course natural, and body is painted black, under all the stickers. it is a Double cutaway, with a String through body bridge. Standard non-lcoking Fender Tuners.
I use my guitar for mostly Folk-Rock and Country, so I get my desired playing and sound. The neck is perfect, I came from playing blues on the accoustic, so this Neck feels super good. It is no Les Paul, but it hangs with em. There are no playability flaws other than the occational feedback on the mic.
Sound Quality:
I play on a custom amp and cab, with no effects. I play County and Folk-Rock (with the ocational blues riff). Blues and Jazz play nice on it. Has a tinnie sound on the mic, and a warm sound on the pickup. Like I said, it is no Les Paul. It is already modded out as much as my money can afford. The feed back on the mic gets pretty loud. No, it plays the same for me no matter what.
Yes, I play hours at a time on it. I have never needed to adjust it on stage, but at home a tune it and such once a day. My back nob that holds my strap is getting pretty loose, but nothing a lil screwdriver couldn't fix. High humidity often causes my neck to slow down, so it will effect stage play.