Alvarez 5237

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Alvarez

Description This guitar has a nice big sound and great sustain. The finish is a subtle brown to amber sunburst on the front and sides with a subtle tiger stripe grain on the back. Mother-of-pearl inlayed logo on the headstock.
Posted By Steve Rho (13)
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Member Reviews

On 10/21/2004, Steve Rho (13) posted:
Overall Rating:
What can I say, I am very happy with this guitar and plan on keeping it for life. I picked this guitar over three or four new guitars in the show room. Eventhough it was used, I felt it played and sounded far better than some 5 and 6 hundred dollar acoustics around it. It has a very unique look, it's a real beauty. This guitar was a college graduation present from my late grandmother. She wanted to get me a class ring but I told her that if she got me a guitar instead I'd have something to remember her by. Her name was Amelia and so is the guitar's.
Price: $350.00
Where Obtained: Woodsy's music, Kent, OH
This guitar was made in St. Louis, MO; has a walnut or ebony fret board, not sure; 20 fret; 6 string; single bar-style bridge pick-up, no control...much like the owner; peg style bridge with non-locking tuners.
The condition of this instrument is pretty flawless other than the fidelity of the bridge pick-up which is never used. The action is smooth but requires decent finger pressure to sound cleanly. Great bold low resonance and good sustain on all strings and frets. Very nice to play.
Sound Quality:
I really only know blues rhythms and leads and it holds its own when playing rhythms or solos and pickin'. Overall I'd say it has a very warm but bright tambre. Compared to other acoustics I've played I'd say it has above average acoustic volume and more depth than say a Yamaha or Fender.
I have owned this guitar for 10 years and I have not needed any adjustments..tends to stay in tune pretty well. It doesn't leave the house much...stays in the hard case when not playing. No blemishes.