Ernie Ball/Music Man Steve Morse

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ernie Ball/Music Man

Description Steve Morse designed this great guitar back in 1987, It has 4 custom DiMarzios pickups and 11 different pickup combinations that offers you every style of music.
Posted By Lars Eriksson (37)
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Member Reviews

On 11/6/2004, Lars Eriksson (37) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great guitar. If you want a strat, buy a strat. If you want a les paul, by a les paul. If you want a guitar that will cover both better than almost any guitar out there, buy a Steve Morse guitar.

I did a lot of research (about one year's worth) and I ended up with this guitar. I could shop my whole life for the "perfect" guitar - but this is as near I can come. I'd rather spend that time playing.

Rememer, no matter who you like as a guitar player - Steve Morse, Clapton, Buddy Guy, SRV, Steve Vai, it's all in the hands. Each of these guitarists could have used a 150.00 Squire strat and still sound great.

I bought this guitar to help me cover tunes with one guitar that gave many sounds and it does. This is a great, very versitile guitar.
Price: $950.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
USA made. 22 frets, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Body is poplar. It has to hums and two singles. Morse Blue Burst with a black pickguard. Over all it a strat style guitar with a good weight to it. No tremolo. The craftmans ship is second to none. Fret work is superior. 100% quality here.
The finish on the guitar is flawless. The neck is fast! The neck is like running downhill. You realize its much more capable than you are...and you have alot of room to grow.
Sound Quality:
I chose this guitar because I wanted a single guitar that could do everything. I play, Blues, Rock, Pop, and Hardrock. I am playing my Morse model through a Korg AX1000G pedal board and mostly direct to the mixer. The single coil next to the bridge humbucker sounds as full as any Strats. So, you have single coil clean and crunch covered. The Neck pickup is very warm and dark. Its as smooth as you would want and the bridge pickup is so full of colorful harmonics. The volume and the tone knobs are actualy useful, not like other guitars. Want a warm sound on the neck pickup? Dial down the volume a bit and sudenly the neck pickup acts/sounds different. The Tone control has a large sweep area in the spectrum, almost like a Wah pedal! You will never find a guitar for under 4 thousand that has as much variety and sound ability.
This is going to be my main guitar for years to come. All the parts are high quality, very reliable and durable.