Mosfet Studio 60 Bass Baby

60W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Mosfet

Description This is a raw amp with one cahnnel, no eq, no effects. Supooised to be 60 watts but its been modified to teh point of 1/30 volume makes the floor shake crazily! AWESOME amp
Posted By James Hanford (46)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 10/15/2004, James Hanford (46) posted:
Overall Rating:
Incredible. Dunno how rare this is, but its got more power than an 100watt stack. Incredible amp, just raw, bassy power
Price: $50.00
Where Obtained: Friend
It has abosloutely NO features. It has one input, and one master volume control. No eq. No effects. One channel. However, i have a lot of pedals, so im not bothered.
Sound Quality:
Incredible! Its supposed to be 60 watts but its been modified somehow that when its on 1/30 volume the floor and walls shake like crazy. At gigs only 5/30 is needed to drown out everything. This is a bass amp but works with guitar, but you get sooooo much bass in your sound. This howvere still does not sacrifice the quality of the sound.
Ease of Use:
Ur, it has one volume control. And.... thats it.
Incredibly durable, god knows how old this amp is its torn and worn, but its speaker guard is metal and definitely kickable. The hosuing is wood, its closed back, and just looks awesome all torn. I qould guess this is as tough as old boots