Eminence Legend V12

Made by Eminence

Description 12" Speaker from Eminence.Great replacement for combo amps or cabinets.
Posted By Randy Combs (6529)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 10/12/2004, Randy Combs (6529) posted:
Overall Rating:
I had a Mesa Black Shadow, a Celestion V60-12 silver and the stock Roland speaker in the amp before and the Eminence V12 Legend has been the best sounding of the bunch. It's not a bright toned speaker, but my Strat sounds fantastic thru it. This speaker will rock hard when you want it too. And does clean tones nicely also. I have a 4x12 with Celestion GM70-12's in it and I swear I like the tone of the Legend V12 better.
Price: $69.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
I put this speaker in a Roland BC-30 combo amp. Tone baby, that's what it's all about. A standard 12" speaker by looks, but hook it up and stand back.
Eminence has been around a long time and many manufacturers use their speakers. It has a strongly built frame and the cone seems very sturdy. This is gigging speaker, you can rely on it.