Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

by Arnie Berle

(1997) Music Sales #0825625564

Description w/Mark Galbo. Series of exercises takes you from the fundamentals of fingerpicking to playing five authentic blues tunes. With CD.
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On 7/27/2000, Sandra Goodfellow (6568) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you are new to fingerstyle guitar this is a good starting point. It begins with easy to understand exercises and examples of simple 12 bar blues, using both standard notation and tab. It then adds melody notes, syncopation and blue notes in easy stages. There are short descriptions and examples of fretting and picking hand techniques, playing chords higher up the fretboard and vamping, and finishes with some blues pieces using the techniques covered by the book. There is a c.d. included, containing all the exercises and musical pieces. This was one of the books that I found most useful when I started to learn fingerstyle guitar and although it is aimed at blues players, it is a good grounding for those wanting to go on to explore other styles of music.
Suitable for beginner guitarists