Kramer Ferrington

6-String Guitar

Made by Kramer

Description Electric acoustic, black w/ bone acnt
Posted By Brad Niccoli (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 9/29/2004, Brad Niccoli (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Sevral because it's lite the neck is nerow and it's got lite action,yes,maby better pic ups, it's lite the neck is nerow and it's got lite action, it took me for ever to get him to sell it to me, I had bought a white one earlyer but i still wanted his.
Price: $125.00
Where Obtained: friend
US, maple, mahogany,22,6, volume, treble, bass, 1 picup, active, ce852, black w/bone trim, cutaway, string-thru body w/ pins, non-locking, ?
Yes, pic and rythim,it helps because its nerow, great, no
Sound Quality:
It depends,many,yes,yes,great,no,no,a little
Yes,not to much, great,fine