ESP F-50

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description I have to admit this guitar is a beauty, you can get it in 3 standard colours which are metallic red, silver, black. The English price, well i got it for 210.
Posted By Martin Gill (29)
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On 9/5/2004, Martin Gill (29) posted:
Overall Rating:
I had looked at many guitars, i had looked at mansons, fender, ibanez and this one was the one that made it home with me, why? Because it has the same qaulity as all the guitars stated above, but its alot cheaper. This guitar would be better if it had a tremolo arm, and it some effects in it but thats about it, my faveroute thing about this is guitar well ive got two, it looks bloody cool, and it sounds bloody nice! Not enough gadgets though. Its well worth trying this guitar out.
Price: $210.00 pounds (new)
Where Obtained: Fox's Music (Doncaster, its shut down now)
This guitar was made in the US, The neck is Mahogany, and the body has a mattalic paint finish. The F-50 has 22 Frets, and 6 strings. The F-50 has volume control, tonal control, pick-up switches, and of course a lead input. It has 4 pickups and the configuration is S/H/S/H. The pick-up's are custom made by ESP. The Finish is either Mettalic Red, Black and Silver and it has had a nice varnish.
The Playability on this guitar is very good, this guitar should be used for rock/jazz. The neck is good for people who dont have very long fingers and find it hard to move around the fret board, the neck is thin so you can reach to the top string (E) without needing to stretch and try hard, this is good because it allows you to play smoother and faster without having all that annoying buzz. I think this guitar should be up there with the Mansons, Les Pauls and Fenders, but not like number one!! The only flaw is..... i dont think there is one?
Sound Quality:
Well the amp i use is pretty crappy anyway, but from the other guitar that i used to have the F-50 still sounds alot better, with my olde guitar when you walked to close to the amp or you had a mobile phone on in your pocket, the bloody thing would just squell at you!! But the F-50 doesnt have any of them problems. I play rock and this guitar suits it, it copes really well with distortion, and you dont have alot of buzzing. You could maybe use it with folk music but i dont know. Im considering putting a tremolo arm into it.
This guitar is as loyal as a dog on stage, it will definetly not start meesing up on you. The strap locks a good but it takes a hell of a long time to get the strap on but once youve got it on its not gonna come loose. So far nothing has come loose and fallen apart yet. I havnt noticed any change in the guitar yet.