Takamine EG510SC

6-String Guitar

Made by Takamine

Description Dreadnought cutaway with a solid spruce top. natural satin finish TK4N preamp
Posted By Neil Phillips (106)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 8/28/2004, Neil Phillips (106) posted:
Overall Rating:
I played about 12 guitars when buying this one..yamahas and fenders..this one out played them all

For a middle of the road, 400 guitar you could not ask for better...i struggle with the amp a little...never used a pre-amp..i have no idea what half of it does really...although the tuner goes from E to E and with C in there to...which is nice

I'd recommened it to intermediate to experienced players and i hope this was useful...twas a first attempt at these things
Where Obtained: Andertons Music store (england)
Its 20 fret, 6 string with a nice pre-amp in the side...built in tuner and equaliser. Natural finish and thats about the rest of it, for a picture go here http://www.guitarstrings.co.uk/search_details.asp?ID=834
Im not used to the accoustic feel but i think it handles wonderfully.. easy to bend...a nice action on the movement up and down the board...generally very good
Sound Quality:
Although its an electro accoustic i rarely wire it up theres no point for a 400 guitar the sound on this is as good or better than you could ever wish for. There is a slight spanish feel to it...although its easily capable of playing blues and most other things...better suited to those really.