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URL http://www.theguitarsuite.com
Description A great site with lots of free lessons, tips and freeware. A definite if you're into acoustic or fingerstyle guitar.
Posted By Adam Long (56)
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On 8/27/2004, Adam Long (56) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very informative, very well organized and covers a lot, good info for beginners and intermediate guitarists. Lots of free lessons, freeware for guitarists like a metronome, Audacity multitrack recorder, the Guitar Codex by Robert Leh, Ear Training software, there are also Unit Downloads for $4.50 a piece, very worth the price: They're divided into Theory 1, Theory 2, Open Tunings (the most info on this I've seen anywhere), Fingerstyle TAB to go with the free MP3s on the site (pretty nice songs) Elements of Music 1, Elements 2, and Creative Composing. So pretty much a lot covered! You can buy the downloads individually or all of them for $19.95. Very easy check out process. And it amounts to about 243 pages of very useful, informative stuff. Plus you can organize these downloads in a binder and you can get a downloadable image for the binder (kinda neat) Definitely worth chekcing out, especially if you want a more personal, creative approach to learning songwriting and theory and puttin git all together. It could use more interactivity though, like a forum or something. Maybe it'll have one everntually.

Adam Long