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URL http://www.theguitarsuite.com
Description A great site for anyone interested in acoustic or fingerstyle with some cool acoustic MP3s you can get free, plus you can get the TAB for them there too.
Posted By Adam Long (56)
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Member Reviews

On 5/8/2005, Aaron Pearce (28) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very nice site. Lots of info about lots of crap. the tips on posture were especially helpfull for me.
On 8/27/2004, Adam Long (56) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very informative site, fun to navigate. The MP3s are decent, I guess intermediate as guitarists go. Like the fact that you can get the TAB if you want for the MP3s. Plus there's probably more free info and downloads there than most other sites I've seen on fingerstyle.