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Description Fuzz Pedal from hell . This thing is small but don't be fooled.
Posted By Matt Wood (2844)
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On 1/12/2005, Matt Wood (2844) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was looking to update my fuzz sound for a long time , and here in O.Z it's hard to get these boutique items. I read pretty much everything out there to read about different fuzz's. I ordered this without playing one so it was a risk . It is expensive , but we all know that you get what you pay for. It amazes me people pay top dollar for their guitar and amp then moan about having to pay an extra 50-100 bucks for a quality, boutique pedal , and end up buying boss and supporting that company that treats us all like dirt. You want to sound different then everyone else ? you want to support a company who is part of the guitar community and gives great customer service ? You want a challenging effect that is flexible enough to cover pretty much any fuzz sound you can think of ? Then check one of these out . It may end up not being you thing, cause it is CRAZY , But you'll have some fun . P.S I'm adding this bit later . I've had the pedal for a while now and I'm still 100% happy . All the people I jam with are blown away by it . If you take the chance with it I can't imagine anyone being dissapointed. Unless you think your DS1 or Metal zone is the best distortion sound out there
Model Year: 2004
Price: $350.00 aust (new)
Where Obtained: Fuzzology. Aust
5 knob fuzz. controls are Level,Gate,comp,drive,stability .Within these parameters lies a world to explore . No ac power option,but draws very little , word is one battery will last a couple of years . True bypass . A well made , quality item
Sound Quality:
I can rattle on and on about the sound quality , in all honesty I've never heard anything like it . I can't beleive some of the sounds I've pulled out of the clean channel of my 60w combo . Pretty much can cover all from a bright overdriven sound , conventional heavy fuzz sounds to feedbacking modulating madness.
Ease of Use:
It's not easy. The controls all affect each other as you change them . So you end up hitting alot of squeals and squarks. But I love that aspect of it .So I'm not going to give a low mark just because it's not easy . Hey go buy a boss pedal if you want easy . It's practcaly a whole other instrument to explore .
Well it's got a warranty as long as the makers,Zacarhy Vex's lifetime . Hand made, hand painted .