She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


(1997) Revelation #REV:58

Personnel From the ashes of Rorschach and Deadguy Kiss IT Goodbye rises like a fiery Phoenix.
Description Rage from the very first moment. Agression bursts your speakers with the vopening note.
Posted By William Glover (1064)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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On 8/25/2004, William Glover (1064) posted:
Overall Rating:
"Helevetica" kicks off the album with a blistering assault that will burn the most calloused of ear drums. Power chords, gobbs of gain: I'm talking about music so ugly that I'm sure these bastards were disowned by their mothers years ago. A couple songs later we're presented with the statement "what a target yor badge would make." The song is "What If," and I'm left wondering what if all hardcore bands were as good as this one. The highlight: "Manthing" a twisted song about the guilt one feels when someone close to you is victimized in an abusive relation. Mean breakdown, tortured screaming. Is "She Love's Me, She Loves Me Not" a guilty pleasure? Sure, the singer does his best imitation of early Rollins. Tortured, brooding and anti-social. But in the end this is a damn good record for anyone who counts themselves a fan of brutal music. Throw this disc into your CD player (or better yet, your record player if you buy vinyl), pour a couple shots of tequila, and ready yourself for a rough ride. It's worth the trip.