Blues/Rock Guitar U. S. to U. K.

by Kenn Chipkin

(1995) Warner Brothers #0897245865

Description The licks, styles and techniques of the blues/rock guitar generation are contrasted, with over 66 exercises in tab and notation.
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On 7/15/2000, David Ferguson (341) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was one of the first instructional books I ever purchased. The impact it had on my playing was phenominal. It unlocked the mysteries of basic playing for the beginner, and launched me down the road with an exceptional variety of licks from most of my favorite players.

It begins with the essentials and progresses into full blown tab of entire arrangements in the styles of Page, Clapton, Hendrix, Gibbons, Beck, Johnny Winter and more.

The CD included with the book proved to be very helpful in understanding the TAB, and getting the licks under my fingers. Of all the books and tapes I have purchased, this is far and away the BEST one I own.

Along the way, Kenn explains the roots of blues and the subtleties that transformed it into blues/rock and ultimately the rock and roll that changed the face of music entirely. Very informative and well written, I can't recommend this book enough. Of all the books I own, this is the one that keeps getting pulled from the archives. Many years after it's initial purchase, I still pull things from this book every time I open it.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists