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Description Lot's of stuff to look at. very skilled sales men. But the people you see theyre are a little weird. But they let you test before you buy, or you can just jam or whatever.
Posted By Bill Bill (268)
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On 1/17/2007, Peter Kiley (890) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great store with a great selection. Make sure you know what you want before you walk in the door. I have heard examples of people being talked into buying more gear than they need/want, especialy in the instances of beginners.
On 5/23/2005, Evan Duff (789) posted:
Overall Rating:
This store is great, with the biggest selection in my area, and a great showroom. They have the best for begginers and the best for the best too. Great deals, I've bought 2 guitars, one electric, one acoustic, one used, one new, and other equipment for FX to pedels there, and they have always been helpful.
On 8/23/2004, Redmond Militante (957) posted:
Overall Rating:
The one in chicago will meet any price you can find off the internet. i've bought all my guitar-related stuff there.
On 8/19/2004, Anthony Sanna (869) posted:
Overall Rating:
Good selection, Great Deals.
On 8/17/2004, Bill Bill (268) posted:
Overall Rating:
Guitar Center is a great place to buy. But a little scary for the beginer.