Dunlop Strap Lok

Made by Dunlop

Description 360 groove-and-ball design allows the unit to rotate without catching. The same strap can be used with several guitars as the strap button is interchangeable. Release-tested up to 800 lbs. of pull.
Posted By Jennifer Nuttle (178)
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On 8/13/2004, Jennifer Nuttle (178) posted:
Overall Rating:
These are the straplocks to have. Wouldn't use any other. These are not the same as the Lok Strap (which break very easily, that's why they're only 3 bucks!) Original Jim Dunlop Straploks are the best!!!
Price: $13.50
Where Obtained: Hoosierdaddy's
Groove and ball design that can rotate 360. They don't come off unless you push the button in the middle (no playing around with nuts and bolts).
It's tested up to 800 lbs. I play alt and punk music on stage and I've never lost my guitar. I love my guitar and these are the only straplocks I'll use to keep my baby safe.