Gibson Les Paul Supreme

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description The most elegant, and innovative Les Paul offered by Gibson USA.
Posted By Pieter Viljoen (1228)
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On 8/7/2004, Pieter Viljoen (1228) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar would be bought again right away if it was stolen (I'm insuring it). You can't sound bad on this instrument. Many Gibson Standards just don't do it for me unplugged, which I believe is the biggest test of any electric guitar. This thing can totally sing is just about any style. Good job Gibson.

You better hurry if you want one, because these are a limited run.
Model Year: 2004
Price: $4200.00 Canadian (new)
Where Obtained: Central Music (Welland, ON)
This is the cream of the crop in the Gibson USA line. It has a stunning flame maple top (mine is rootbeer finish). The guitar has tone chambers which provides the guitar with an almost semi-hollowbody sound, and make it lighter than the average Les Paul. It also has something no other Les Paul has, a carved flame maple cap on the BACK of the guitar as well! There is no rear cavity, so all the electronics are accessible through the larger jackplate. The guitar because of the carved maple back is about an quarter of an inch thicker than a Custom, yet lighter. It has seven ply binding, both top and back, and the neck as well as headstock are exquisitely bound as well. The fretboard is ebony with incredible inlays not found on any other Les Pauls (alternating split block inlays). The headstock has a beautiful "Les Paul Supreme" decal in mother of pearl and abalone, which is flawlessly done. It also includes a gold truss rod cover with the model inscription on it. The frets are gold! It has all the conventional controls of a les paul. The hardware is gold (including Imperial Grover tuners). The pickups are the 480 490t varieties.
This thing plays like butter. Bends come easier than you can think of them, the neck is just right. Guys who like big necks won't mind this at all, it isn't a 60s slim taper. She's fast, and the extra body thickness really doesn't bother me at all. She stays in tune excellently with the grovers that come stock.
Sound Quality:
This can cover just about anything, but I wouldn't use it for metal or punk since it's too vocal sounding a guitar, slightly too warm for those styles. However classic rock all the way to jazz would be perfect. Like I said before, this thing sounds like no other Les Paul. It has a sustain and resonance you don't find in solidbodies. Strum and E-chord on this guitar and you'll know what I mean. Sounded so good acoustically that I didn't plug it in for over two hours the day it came. I've owned another les paul (a standard), and this guitar is a different animal. For me, the difference is it's way better of an instrument. The sound is just so vocal and gorgeous.
This is a very pretty guitar so my only fear is that it will get dinged. It feels solid as a rock so I do not see durability being a problem.