Good Dog, Happy Man

by Bill Frisell

(1999) Nonesuch

Personnel Too many to list
Description Bill Frisell serves up a tasty jazz-influenced album but while keeping true to his whole Americana style that he's been into for the past decade or so.
Posted By John Rich (3189)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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Member Reviews

On 1/20/2005, Arnie Sherman (19) posted:
Overall Rating:
A++, Bill is the best
On 7/26/2004, John Rich (3189) posted:
Overall Rating:
Bill Frisell continues to amaze me. I've been playing the guitar for 14 years, and it hasn't been until this last year that I've been getting into Bill's music. This isn't the first album I heard by Bill. The first album I heard by him was "Where In The World?" which was a little too weird for me, but I still enjoyed it. On this album he is totally the opposite. He plays with such melody and he's in such demand of his instrument that it makes you wonder "Why was Bill making music like that?" Although, his earlier albums from ECM are quite good (e.g. Rambler, Lookout for Hope), they don't really hold a candle to his later albums like this one and "The Intercontintenals." I think this is by far Bill's best album and I think anyone who likes the guitar should definitely check him out.

And for those jazz shredders out there who haven't heard him, don't expect to hear him play 20 notes at a time at light speed. That isn't what Bill Frisell does. His playing is more textural. He stays away from jazz cliches and what's happening now. I also think that he has the most unique guitar style I've ever heard.