The Book Of Kells

by Iona

(1992) Forefront

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Description Iona are a Celtic progressive rock band from the British Isles
Posted By John Rich (3189)
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On 7/26/2004, John Rich (3189) posted:
Overall Rating:
Iona, for those of who have never heard of them, are a Christian progressive rock band that from the British Isles. They are an amazingly talented group! Their music is very hard to describe in a only a few short sentences. They are a very atmospheric band that has a remarkable musicianship. All of these musicians in this band are WORLD-CLASS. They can play in any style and do anything they want, because they have the talent. Iona are the following musicians:

Dave Bainbridge - guitar, keyboards, programming Joanne Hogg - vocals, keyboards David Fitzgerald - tenor/alto saxophones, flute, piccolo Nick Beggs - Chapman stick, Wal's 5-string bass Terl Bryant - drums and percussion Frank Van Essen - percussion, violin Troy Donockley - uillean pipes, low whistle

Guest Musicians - Robert Fripp (King Crimson) - guitar, soundscapes, Fiona Davidson - celtic harp, The Paul Whitfield Strings - ensemble violins/violas, the congregation of Kessington Temple Church

Now the music of this album is very conceptual or in other words its music and lyrics all follow a theme that progresses through the album. The album is VERY progressive. It is such a beautiful album. There isn't anything harsh or distorted about this album at all. I think it's a shame that musicians and groups of this caliber aren't recognized in the United States. There is so much good music here that anyone that has musical ears or that plays an instrument can appreciate it. This album also won several awards. One of them being "Best International Album" by Dove. I think Christian music should take some pointers from these masters as they rely heavily on the music to lead. There aren't many vocals on this album at all, because it's mostly instrumental. I understand the importance of lyrics in Christian music, but not all Christian music has to have vocals. Music speaks a voice by itself. Listen to this album and open your heart and you will not be disappointed.