Ovation Elite Standard

6-String Guitar

Made by Ovation

Description This is an acoustic guitar with a pick-up. The back of the guitar is a rounded piece of plastic. The sound holes are on either side of the neck base.
Posted By Matthew Laham (4396)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 7/24/2004, Matthew Laham (4396) posted:
Overall Rating:
After trying a bunch of Ovation knock-offs I decided to stick with the Ovation because of its superior tone. I can't stress the tone enough, but one aspect of the guitar I don't like is something that isn't even related to the guitar itself, the case. The case makes the guitar seem so much heavier.
Model Year: 1994
Price: $569.00 Canadian
Where Obtained: Songbird Music
I am used to electric guitars so the higher action of an acoustic makes it more difficult for me to play it. But I don't mind it too much because I notice that my hands are now stronger and I play faster on my electrics now too.
Sound Quality:
The tone is very balanced. It seems to have a Spanish/Classical flavour to it. I fell in love with this guitar after running through a Harmonic Minor jam.
Within three days of purchasing this guitar I had to get the truss rod adjusted. The weather we were having was horrible so it caused a back bow in the neck.