Blues Guitar Classics Signature Licks

by Wolf Marshall

(1998) Hal Leonard #0-7935-0124-9

Description This is a book that teaches you some of the most popular licks ever done by blues guitarists. It features blues guitarists like B.B. King Albert King and Freddy King.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
Directory Books/Tab: Blues
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On 7/15/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a transcriptional book of blues tabs from the most famous guitarists in teh wrold. It feature some of their most famous licks. This book has made me more of a versatile in the method of blues playing. I refer to it frequently. It is well suited for my skill level but it is another book that I do have some problems with its form of rythym playing but the solos I can play to some extent. I love playing blues and add it to my style of metal playing and hopefully someday with classical. This book did come witha CD that was very helpful. This book could not have been any better the transcriptions were great. My favorite aspect of this book was I got to play some of the legendary work of the man himself when it comes to blues, B.B. King. Worts aspest was that at the end there is a song or two that requires 2 leads at once which one cannot do without some kind of recording device. The author Wolf Marshall is extremely talented and I love his introductions along with his concept of music. All of the work he does on books from metal to whatever are great. This is a wonderful book to get if you want to try some cool licks and perhaps a-- some interesting technique to your blues playing or even improvise it to what you play now.
Suitable for advanced guitarists