Hot Rod Guitar: The Danny Gatton Anthology

by Danny Gatton

(1999) WEA/Atlantic/Rhino

Description Two CD retrospective of the genre-jumping Tele-Master. Danny played so many styles, I should probably put this disc into every recording category instead of just Rock/Pop
Posted By Christopher Sung (9641)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 10/13/2000, Joe Ramirez (703) posted:
Overall Rating:
It can stand the test of time in my opinion.This mucisian was a step ahead of the rest. It is close to perfect as far as great music goes. The tone that he has just hums and kills.His style is very broad and express' excellent taste and chops...very imaginative. So If you are the type of guitar player that is looking for inspiration through the eyes of a guitar great! You owe it to yourself to buy this...and checkout his instructional videos! They are very good.
On 4/25/2000, Bob Newsome (22) posted:
Overall Rating:
"Cruisin Deuces" was the first Gatton CD I ever bought. He sure plays the hell out of a Telecaster, and the songs aren't all the same -- interesting variety of styles.

Wish he were still alive.
On 4/22/2000, Mark Trent (73) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you're looking for something way different than what you ordinarily hear, this gem is for you. Danny's Telecaster is scorching hot on several of the cuts: Funhouse, Harlem Nocturne, So Good, and many others. This is a great place to start in discovering a genius who is sorely missed. Since his death in 1994, I haven't heard anything remotely close to his style, speed and ability. If you don't know who Danny is and you're not ready to plunk down the money for a 2-disc set, then go try "Cruisin' Deuces" by Danny Gatton and you'll hear what I mean. Put Danny up there next to SRV.