GHS Infinity Steel

Made by GHS

Description These electric guitar strings supposedly last longer because of a cryogenic freezing process (maybe similar to the Dean Markley Blue Steels).
Posted By Kent Minagawa (387)
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On 7/14/2004, Kent Minagawa (387) posted:
Overall Rating:
Though these strings seem to be durable, I don't care for the sound of them a whole lot. They serve their purpose for rock music, but I need something more defined (if you play a lot of rhythm rock then you should like this). They seem to last a good amount of time, however, so if you want to spend a couple extra bucks these seem to be a fairly good set of strings.
Price: $7.50 (new)
Where Obtained: Hot Licks Guitars
A set of nickel wound strings. I bought a set of lights, though I was looking for a custom light or medium gauge (I don't think they come in heavier gauges). They supposedly go through something called Metal Surface Treatment (MST) to last longer. Also if you care about the color of your strings, the wound ones come in a very interesting black color (I have a black guitar so it doesn't suit it too well, personally).
Sound Quality:
I played them off my Ibanez axe (double humbuckers) and it seems to carry a sound suitable for modern rock. They claim to be the brighter set of strings compared to other GHS strings, but I find them only slightly so. The quality of sound from the Dean Markley Blue Steels sounds a lot more defined. I think a rhythm guitar player would like these, but not really a lead.
I'm not sure how long they last yet (I've only had them a couple weeks) so I can't comment about that. They seem to be holding up against the average wear and tear, though. I don't seem to have to tune them as often as some strings I've used in the past, esp. the non-wound strings. If you can handle the almost plastic feel of the wound strings it seems to last.